Web Clock Tutorial

Web Clock Script

In this video, we are going to show you how to use the Time, Attendance and Leave Web Clock.  This is where hourly employees will clock in and clock out using a computer.  You’ll clock in in the morning, out for lunch, back in after lunch and out for the end of the day.  Now what you’ll do if you have access to a computer every day is you’ll go to tal.ouhsc.edu and starting on May the 31st, this link here where it says ‘Web Clock Log-In for Hourly Employees’, is where you will click to take you to the web clock page. 

Now, remember when we go live on May 31st you’ll be able to use your OUHSC username and password, but today I’m going to use an employee ID and a generic password so that you can see me clock in as an hourly employee.  So you’ll see here that my option is to clock in or for called in.  Because I’m not on call, I’m just going to simply clock in.  Now you’ll see that it is going to time me out after 10 seconds and that’s just because you don’t really need to sit there and look at the web clock all day.  So if I don’t do anything, it is just going to time me out, so you’ll just see your session has time out.  I’ll hit OK and it will take me back to the Web Clock.

Now let’s say I wanted to go back in and look at a timesheet.  So what I would do is I would log in again.  Remember you’ll be using your username and password at go-live.  You will log in and you’ll see now that my next option is to clock out, but I’m not ready to clock out, I want to go look at my time sheet I can hit Timesheet and you’ll see here that I could look at my time sheet.  Or I could look at my balances, I could submit a time off request, I could go to the messages screen.  Anything I wanted to do within the system I could do even though I didn’t specifically come in to clock in or clock out. 

Remember that this site is only available on-campus, you would use the other link (I’ll go back here to the TAL site) you would use this TAL Site Log-In if you wanted to access this off-campus as an hourly employee, but all of this functionality is available to you here from that Web Clock page. 

So again let’s go back to my employee tasks and let’s go to the Web Clock let’s say you’re ready to clock out at the end of the day.  You’ll clock out and it will clock you out at the exact time you clock out and it will time you out after 10 seconds and that’s it.  It is as easy as that to clock in and clock out using the Web Clock in the Time, Attendance and Leave system.