Logging into TAL (Salaried)

Logging into TAL (Salaried) Script

In this video, I am going to show you how easy it is to log onto the TAL site as a salaried employee.  Remember starting May the 31st you’ll go to tal.ouhsc.edu and here on that homepage you will see the link for the TAL Site Log-In, that’s what you’re looking for and as of May 31st when you click that link it will take you to the TAL site and you will use your username and password to log in.   So I’m going to log in as myself (hardest thing is to remember your password) and you’ll hit log on.  Right now we are in a test system so it is going a little slower, when we go live on May the 31st it will be much faster. 

You’ll see that now it takes me to the TAL site.  As a salaried employee you’ll see that it defaults me to the Messages screen.  So you’ll see that I have messages here: That my time off request has been set to pending and this other one has been set to approved so I can get notice about what’s going on with my leave requests here.  If I had FMLA that would be here, if I needed to review my time sheet there may be a message about that here.  You’ll also see messages here about how to work in TAL, where to go if you have questions or who to contact if you have questions that can’t be resolved. 

If I wanted to go look at my time sheet I would go under employee tasks and go to time sheet and my time sheet is there.  So I could look at my time sheet, this is where I would submit if I had some unscheduled leave taken I could submit that here.  We will go into that in other videos but you can see this is where I access that under my employee tasks.  So when I am finished doing what I needed to do I will just log off and it is as easy as that.